Oyst removes the purchasing funnel


Click on the Buy in 1-click button
on the product page


Confirmation screen

  • The first time a user clicks on the 1-click button is the one and only time he has to enter his personal details and he becomes an Oyst user.
  • Any piece of information can be modified after the purchase, on the confirmation screen

Oyst takes over the whole sales process 8 steps in 1 click

E-Wallet (ex : Paypal)
8 steps in 8 clicks

8 steps in 1 click

Select size, color, etc.

Confirm cart


Create account

Enter delivery address

Select delivery method

Login related to the payment


Our Market Advantage

E-Wallet (ex : Paypal)

Visitors on the product page Checkout process Purchase

1% of conversion rate


Visitors on the product page Purchase

2% of conversion rate

Revenues multiplied by 2

Innovation is at the heart of the Oyst revolution

Purchase without any data input is completely secure thanks to real-time authentication based on multiple criteria


Keystroke dynamics, mouse movement, etc.


Depending on the characteristics of each browser and operating system

Data Science

Proprietary authentification algorithms on the collected data (+ 100 criteria)

100% secured 1-click purchase


L'authentification par la Data Science permet un achat en 1 clic 100% sécurisé

  • Biometrics Data (keystroke, mouse movement, etc…)
  • Behavioral Data (Frequency of purchase, type of products)
  • Bank data
  • Statistics data



  • Malware detection
  • Detection of localization inconsistencies
  • Identity theft detection


Adyen Technology, the world leader in online payment:

  • Shopper DNA by Adyen establishes a global image of the buyer
  • Compliant with PCI DSS standards
  • Network Intelligence to track devices
  • Adyen is the only one to store the bank details

1-click purchase at any point of contact

Product page - Mobile

Product page - Desktop

Shopping Cart page

Easy and fast integration

Download our plugin with 1 click on the back-office of your CMS

Connect to our API within ½day…

  • Include a script in the concerned page
  • Module integration in the back end (SDK available)

Module integration in the back end (SDK available)

  • We connect to all flow managers