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  • No need to remember a password, you can log in one click thanks to your phone number.
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With Oyst, you no longer need to input your or bank details when shopping online.

Don’t worry about forgetting your login & password or having your Oyst account hacked thanks to the seamless authentication based on our real-time data analysis technologoies ensuring your identification

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We monitor your transactions 24/7 all year round, in order to prevent phishing, pharming, fraud and identity theft. Every payment is secured by an encryption system and is screned by our fraud specialists if we detect anything unusual.

Chaque paiement est sécurisé par un système de cryptage et validé à la main par notre équipe de spécialistes si nous détectons un élément inhabituel.

The world is your oyster

Whether you are buying in France or abroad, from the office or at home, on a desktop or from your phone, your transactions are always safe and you keep in check your expenses thanks to our text message notifications.

Be at ease when shopping online with Oyst. Wherever you are, we are at your side!