Our goal:
simplify online shopping

Oyst was born from frustration.

Today, you can order a taxi in one click, listen to music in one click...

But to buy something as simple as a white t-shirt, it's still 8 steps: add to basket, confirm basket, create an account, choose a password, choose a delivery method, enter delivery, enter payment information, confirm payment...

Even if you're already a customer, you always have to remember your username and password, confirm each form and enter payment information... Why so many obstacles?

Our obsession:
how can we make this easier?

Customers waste time filling out forms and Merchants waste time trying to optimise the forms.

We want to give back that lost time. We're not offering yet another buying funnel optimisation but a totally new way of buying, the most obvious, simplest: a one-click purchase, anywhere on the site.

Our values


Above all, Oyst promises simplicity: buy in one click.


We are constantly challenging our work to help our customers improve their performance.


We want to radically change eCommerce and the way consumers buy online.

Our story

Oyst creation

January 2016

First employees

June 2016

First article

October 2016

30 people

March 2017

Oyst 1.0

September 2017

1st partner website

January 2018

LVMH Innovation Award

May 2018

ID d’or Award

June 2018

Oyst 2.0

September 2018

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