Increase conversions
by giving your customers
the Oyst experience

An unrivalled shopping experience for your users…

From the first purchase, Oyst offers visitors an ultra-optimised checkout. Our design meets eCommerce’s main need: to offer an attractive and efficient customer experience, across all devices (mobile, desktop, tablet).

During this initial step, Oyst records the information that will allow customers to buy with one click – every time they return to your site.


…Oyst’s 1-click purchase system multiplies your conversion rate by 3,5

Now your customers can buy in one click.

Yes, in one click: no login, no password, no forms, no more details. And we’re proud to say that Oyst is the only technology that offers buying simplicity and fluidity at this level. Significantly reduce abandoned baskets and increase repeat purchases.

Turn each page into a sales generator

Because buyers can shop at any time, Oyst allows buying from any page on your website. Imagine: a one-click purchase button on each product sheet, on each insert of your catalogue pages, on each page of your funnel…

Maximise conversion at every step of the way.

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The world has become mobile. Oyst was born mobile.

Your mobile traffic is exploding. But your mobile sales aren’t. This universal conundrum gives all online retailers a headache.

At Oyst, user experience is designed mobile first. We’ve tackled the problems with mobile buying so that you can finally convert mobile traffic into sales: numeric keypad, PWA, 0 load time, ergonomics adapted to all phone types, offline management, etc.

Forms on mobile phones are always an ordeal. Good news, we’ve deleted them.

The best acceptance rate on the market

Payment is a convenience and should never block conversion. Our acceptance rate is 95%.

100% fraud-free guarantee

We guarantee 100% fraud-free transactions with our proprietary fraud-scoring algorithm.
0 fraud for you.
0 friction for your customers.

Certified data protection

Your customers' data is valuable. All our data flows are secure. Our payment service provider is PCI-DSS certified.

We offer more than just payment...

We guarantee the best payment.

Our conversion experts are always on hand to improve your performance

We provide you with a Merchant Performance Program. Our approach supports your website’s revenue growth while respecting your ecosystem, identity, brand and customers.

Our performance experts provide tailored advice and recommendations. Each action is checked and statistically proven.

Receive periodic reports to easily measure the impact of Oyst on your overall performance and its effect on sales.

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