Our goal is to disrupt the biggest value chain of the web, from the ad view to the payment confirmation page.

Oyst provides 1 click shopping advertising technology and creates a new ecosystem at the crossroads of customised advertising and online payment.


Our succesS is built upon 3 added values

1-click payment without any friction and with strong authentification
Artificial intelligence-based algorithmic profiling
Unique and high-efficient UX.

We develop a
great advertising technology and a
great payment solution along with
great user experience
So great that our customers will enjoy it without realising !


Oyst displays targeted non-intrusive and relevant advertising and reduces your exit rate. 


Oyst provides you a charge-free payement solution and brings you extra trafic and additional revenue.


Oyst provides you the right offer at the right time, with full comfort and security.

Oyst's innovation combines 1-click payment and targeted advertising. We are revolutionising online shopping by breaking up the buying journey and the whole concept of e-commerce websites

Oyst technology manages the whole process, from user data collection to ad display. This includes a powerful algorithm-based data profiling in order to display the right ad to the right customer.
Oyst offers a programmatic ad platform that powers 1 Click buying ad banners.
We are strongly focused on data security, especially payment data. That is why we provide a full PCI compliant infrastructure.